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Body comparisons. 

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The amount of detail hurts my head

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DEAL – I shot the serif.


If you want to add some spice to your life with 90 different fonts across 18 different font families, well, your idea of excitement could use some work. That said, now’s your chance to get 93 fonts for 98% off, cowboy.

For a few hours more, you can save $1,269 on a collection of fonts typically valued at $1,298. That’s less than $30 for nearly $1,300 worth of fonts licensed for personal or professional use. 

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Those of us with office jobs often spend our days vicariously engaging with the world through our computer screens. As an antidote to the sedentary lifestyle, Jana Winderenand Marc Fornes collaborated on “Situation Room,” an immersive installation that will shake up viewers’ senses. Currently on view at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, “Situation Room” is described as a sound object. The enormous, hot pink structure not only envelopes viewers in a fluorescent, biomorphic mass. It also vibrates with sound when visitors crawl through the work’s nooks and crannies, which the artists say is a feature intended to make us question the ways we interact with our built environments. Next time your senses feel dulled, you can venture into the “Situation Room” through November 1.

Photos courtesy Miguel de Guzman. See more on Hi-Fructose.




Our entire world history nailed.

Things which remain consistant - Sex, death and war.


this is the greatest thing I have seen on tumblr.

I had to have this

Fuckin Powerful

I remember reading that the idea that cavemen raped women was mostly speculation and that there is no actual evidence that it was the case. It has just been assumed and widely accepted as likely, and that idea likely stems from the general idea that men are “naturally” sex crazed conquerors, and women aren’t sexual beings.

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"Loukanikos" internationally known as the "Riot Dog" passed away today in Athens at the age of 10. His health was adversely affected by police asphyxiating gas and from being kicked from policemen in various riots, forcing him to “retire” from active protest about two years ago.

“He was on the couch sleeping, when suddenly his heart stopped beating”.

Farewell our comrade

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"Coffee solves everything". Story of my life. Inktober #9. ☕️ #inktober #pigmainktober #kuretakeinktober #illustration #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #ink #art #artnerd #graphicdesign #coffee#character


"Coffee solves everything". Story of my life. Inktober #9. ☕️ #inktober #pigmainktober #kuretakeinktober #illustration #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #ink #art #artnerd #graphicdesign #coffee#character

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